Children’s Size Guides

Romper Size Chart Fits Weight Fits Height
Premature Up to 5lb Up to 17″
Newborn Up to 8lb Up to 22″
0-3 Months 8-12lb 21-24″
3-6 Months 13-16lb 24-26″
6-9 Months 17-20lb 26-28″
9-12 Months 21-24lb 28-30″
12-18 Months 25-28lb 30-33″
Age 2 29-31lb 34-36″
Age 3 31-34lb 36-38″
Age 4 34-38lb 38-41″
a guide to taking the correct measurement for a chhild

Please ensure that you check sizing carefully, if the wearer falls between sizes, I would always recommend sizing up, it’s better that they grow in to it, rather than it being too small to wear! The below measurements are the size of the wearer, not the finished garment. If the wearer is a complete mix of sizes, please send me a message and I can review whether I can blend the sizes for a perfect fit.

Kids Size Chart Height Chest Waist Hips
Premature 42cm 35cm 35cm 38cm
Newborn 51cm 40cm 40cm 40cm
0-3 Months 60cm 42cm 43cm 42cm
3-6 Months 69cm 45cm 45cm 45cm
6-12 Months 75cm 48cm 48cm 48cm
Age 1 83cm 50cm 50cm 50cm
Age 2 90cm 52cm 51cm 52cm
Age 3 97cm 55cm 52cm 55cm
Age 4 103cm 57cm 53cm 57cm
Age 5 109cm 59cm 55cm 59cm
Age 6 115cm 61cm 57cm 61cm
Age 7 121cm 63cm 59cm 63cm
Age 8 127cm 66cm 61cm 66cm