About us

In 2020, I finally took the step to launch my business. Having dabbled in making clothes for a few years, in the winter of 2019 I made my goddaughter and her mum coordinating hoodies. After lots of nudging by friends and family I started selling.  This also inspired the name. Ti a Fi is Welsh for You and Me, perfect for those matchy matchy hoodies but as a spaniel lover I needed something about dogs in there too. Fortunately dog in Welsh is Ci, it couldn’t have fitted better… Ti Fi Ci was born!

Pronunciation guide of Ti, Fi, Ci, which is Tea, Vee, Key in English

As partner to an Agricultural Contractor many of my fabrics reflect this, however if you are after something specific that I do not have on my site, drop me a line and I’ll see if I can source what you are looking for!

Dwi’n trio dysgu sut i siarad Cymraeg, ond dwi dal angen gwella!